September 2014
Archikidz Goes BUSH

Archikidz is a not for profit organisation providing a dynamic learning platform for inspiring and educating kids, our future city-makes, about the built environment.

Yuri recently volunteered at the inaugural Archikidz Goes BUSH regional programme in partnership with the CORRIDOR project & Cowra Public School. It ran over 3 days with 300 kids from 13 schools in the Cowra Shire and surrounds which provided a unique opportunity to work alongside architects, landscape architects, urban designers and engineers. The overriding theme for the event centred around the theme of Shelter, where everyone learnt about the basic principles of structure and applied it to design and construct a shelter on a large scale.

It was an incredible occasion for children, some of which attended single teacher schools, to share and collaborate with others their own age to gain an understanding and appreciation for the built environment. Not only was it a huge inspiration for the children involved, it also was for all of us who took part.

Photography by Kate Barclay and Yuri Leong

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